Stealth Packaging

We have extra stealth delivery options if you would like extra peace of mind, like a craft bead set or Tshirt. We also have the Super Stealth option of removing seeds from the seedpacks so they form part of a craft bead set . These extra stealth delivery options can be added at the checkout page.

Should you like to choose another stealth method of delivery we are open to suggestions.


Original Seed packaging

We collaborated with Ziggi Papers to make our new packaging. Soma’s Sacred Seeds are packed in a rollingpaper pack. This gives the packaging not only a safe and stealth way of shipping, you also will use and share your rollingpapers.


Notice regarding packaging

How does your package looks like?packaging

We know that you would like to have complete discretion. All our products are mailed without anything of cannabis, leaves or our brand on the outside of the pack. We garantuee your privacy and safety.




How do we pack our seeds?

We pack our seeds in the Ziggi Rollingpapers. So you can use our packaging to smoke your medicine in the original packaging. This packaging is proven to be safe and secure.

On the outside of the box or envelope there are no logo’s or signs of cannabis seeds. The only thing that is published on the outside of the parcel is your address and your name.