#4 - Harvesting

Harvesting the fruit of any crop you have been working your heart and hands with, is a very fulfilling experience. With cannabis it is even more fulfilling. After all you are working with one of the main sacred plants on planet earth, harvesting it is definitely more intense than harvesting apples. In many ways though it is similar to an apple harvest. In harvesting a fair amount of apples, you need a good working team who you can trust and depend on, and you need a few important tools of the trade. You need ladders, apple baskets, a place to wash the apples, containers for storing and packing, and someone to do quality control, making sure that there are no bad apples in the bunch. With a cannabis harvest you need an even better team of people you can trust and depend on, and you need some important tools of the trade. You need some pruning shears, some real sharp sturdy scissors, some type of clothes line type of set-up that you can hang the plants on, a smell proof room that’s dry and cool and if possible a T-55 silkscreen to work over when your doing the manicuring.


The most important factor in a marijuana harvest is that it is not picked too early, I can’t stress this enough, it is one of the main mistakes humans make when harvesting. I’m going to go over some things not to do.Don’t look in your wallet for the date of the harvest, in your wallet you will only find things that have to do with money. Money should not be a factor for when the harvest should be done. Try to avoid this mistake.



Don’t look at the calendar except for knowing when the full moon and new moon are taking place. Harvesting by the calendar does not work well at all. Some people start seeds that are supposed to take a certain amount of time to finish their cycle, whatever the particular seed package say’s, and as soon as that amount of time passes, they harvest. Harvest with your heart, let your heart guide you. Having let yourself become good friends with your plants, you are always looking at them just like a good human friend. In looking closely at them, that exact point in time when the green tomato turns red, or when the green banana turns yellow is noticed by you, the gardener with the green thumb. When the white hairs on the buds of your cannabis plants are not forming any longer, and all the places where the red hairs are, the calyx’s, are becoming very swollen and many visible THC crystals can be seen it’s time to harvest. To double check, smell the top of the plant, rub it with your fingers, smell your fingers, if it smells like the most wonderful hash perfume you ever smelled, then you are ready to harvest the fruit of your labor.

Taking the pruning shears you cut the plant underneath the bottom branch, then you remove only the large fan leaves, saving them to cook with. Then you hang the plants up.

Hanging the plants upside down on a clothes line is easily done by using the natural crooks of the plant. Select a strong bottom branch, then hang that branch over the clothes line, remember these plants are being hung in a smell proof room with a dry, cool temperature. Keep hanging your plants in a row being careful not to crowd them to much. It usually takes at least 10 days to 14 days to dry before you start the final manicuring. Now comes the part when you really need your trustworthy team of friends. You need a good large table, glass ones work very well, with your T-55 silkscreen placed over the table, making sure that glass is underneath all of the screen. Next arrange a comfortable seating arrangement for you and your friends around the table, with each person having their own sharp sturdy scissors. Have some really fun music on to enhance the mood. To make sure the plants are dry enough I take one of the stems and try to snap it, if it is still rubbery it’s not dry enough to manicure. You have to wait until the stem snaps with a good snapping noise only then you know it is ready to clip.

I only use the scissors for cutting the stems with and I take the extra fine leaf off with my fingers. After a while you adopt quite a fine technique of moving your fingers carefully around the dried buds, making sure not to damage the best part, but also making sure to get every bit of extra leaf off. You keep putting the leaf in a bag as it builds up, and under the silkscreen you get the heaviest resin glands that fall off when the plants are being moved and clipped. On your fingers you start to notice resin building up where you have been constantly touching the plants. When you have a good amount you take it off by first making sure all the leaf sticking to your fingers is gently rubbed off, then over a small bowl you rub all your resined fingers together enough so all the hash comes off into the bowl. Next roll the hash in the bowl together into one piece and voila you have your fresh piece of organically grown charas.

The buds that have been manicured I place on a screen to finish drying out, I double check them for extra leaf, and if there is any I take it off. When the buds are dry enough for the stem to snap when broken in half,

I place the finely manicured buds in a large glass canning jar, and leave them in there closed over night. Being in the closed jar makes the buds re-hydrate from the inside of the stem to the outside of the buds. I then open the jar again, making sure the cannabis is the perfect consistency, texture, smell, and flavor.

I then put my jars away in a cool dark place and they are good for at least 18 months or longer.

Smoking the sacred herb that you grew with your hands and heart, together with your friends and family is one of the most fun and fulfilling actions that can be done by any aspiring hippie. Seeing the medicinal grade weed that you grew truly help someone who is very ill with something like cancer, can bring tears to your eyes. Growing sacred herb is powerful stuff, treat it with integrity and it will help you find it within yourself. Don’t lose your courage.


 Keep it green, Soma