#3 - The ripening of the fruit


I hope you have been having as much fun as I have with your little seedlings, ( actually not so little now ). I’m now in my favorite stage of the growing , the ripening of the fruit, the flowers. Remember don’t get to excited about your sweet smelling bud so that you pick it before it’s done. The worst thing you can do is pick it early. My motto is “if it looks like it’s ready wait a week “. When your plants are in the 6th week of flowering there is a  fine technique of rolling a special type of  Spliff . You roll a joint of some of your favorite weed ( preferably some you grew with your own hands and heart ), then you take it and gently roll it on the resin glands of your glistening buds. After a few moments of gentle rolling you will see clear sticky resin sticking to the outside of the rolling paper, coating it with a natural kind of hash oil. When enough resin is on the joint you are ready to light it up. It’s one of my favorite ways of smoking cannabis and can only be done in the 6th week of flowering.


The first clone you take off the top of your seedlings will have double nodes like a seedling, where as clones taken later on will have alternate nodes. These make good mothers.



In the 6th week of flowering, with about 3 or 4 weeks to go there are a few extra precautions you can take to insure a healthy insect free harvest. Assuming that you sprayed neem oil twice a week up to the beginning of the fourth week of flowering, you should have no insect problems. At this point though you can not spray neem oil any longer as you would ruin the taste of the weed. What you can do is put a container of Ladybugs in your grow space as well as a container of predator mites. I like to think of my space as the place where the ladybugs come to dance, these friendly little creatures are great role models for us, never fighting amongst themselves. When it’s the hot time of year spider mites can multiply very quickly as well as thrips and white flies. With the Ladybugs and predator mites getting the stronghold first the possible invaders have no chance.


In the last weeks the plants start to use less water so it is important to keep close contact with your plants, you don’t want to over water them. Over watering can cause the buds to mold from the inside out . From the outside the bud will look perfectly fine but will be ruined on the inside, so be careful not to water to much in the last weeks. I only feed the plants through the 7th week, then for the last three weeks I give them just water to flush the fertilizer from the soil , giving the plants a clean taste.


It’s important to give a lot of thought to where and how you will dry your crop that you have been working so hard on. Drying cannabis has an extremely strong odor and can really grab the attention of your neighbors, so you must prepare for this. Charcoal filters work well, some growers I know already having a filter in there grow room, turn the grow room into the drying room after they turn the lights off.


The filter sucks all of the smell through the charcoal making it undetectable to your neighbors.

I want to remind all of you out there trying this, that the thoughts you think create your reality. It is important to think positive life affirming thoughts when working with the plants. These are Sacred plants you are working with and they are very sensitive to what kind of thoughts are happening around them. They dislike very much thoughts of greed and power, but of course it’s up to you.

The more of us who grow cannabis, the more genetic variety becomes available to us to choose from, the combinations are endless. As the Genetic engineer of Soma Seeds I know that it is quite amazing what you can come up with if you put your heart into it. Check out the “Rock Bud”.

In the next installment of “Grow with Wisdom” I will cover drying , manicuring, curing, storing and of course smoking my favorite part.


Happy gardening, Soma