We start processing your order as soon as we reveived your payment.  So the sooner we receive your money the sooner you will receive your order.

We are extremely concerned about the quality of the seeds that come to you. Therefore, we provide additional protection in the envelope and check the seeds before we send them to you.  We send our seeds within a week after we recieved your money!

The estimated time of delivery is:

Holland:  1 or 2 working days
Europe: 3 to 5 working days


Do we ship to the U.S.A. ?

We believe that our seeds should be shipped/purchased worldwide. Unfortunately this is not legal in every country

With the laws it isn’t possible to send there any seeds.


Is it legal in my country?

We believe that our seeds should be shipped/purchased worldwide. Unfortunately this is not legal in every country. We do and will not engage in these illegal activities. This is why we do not send to countries where having marijuana seeds is illegal. Please check here to find out the countries we ship to. We apologize for any problems you might experience because of this policy.

We ship to some countries in EUROPE  only!

We hope that we can send to more countries in the future. Sign up for our newsletter and stay informed of the latest developments.


How does my package looks like?

We ship our seeds in plain packages. You won’t see anything from our shop on the outside.


How do I sprout seeds?

If you have questions how to sprout your seeds? Please read this first. We have a detailed explanation on this page, click here 

If you have sprouting problems please fill in the contact form.